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As a chronic fusspot, I can relate.

With everything that needs to get done every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But with Airtable, you can ease your mental load and stress less.

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Airtable apps

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Stuff To Do

Manage todos, subtasks, and projects all in one place​

Punch Time Tracker

Block your time, conquer your calendar and scrap inefficiency

AI Keyword Planner

Optimize, organize and visualize your on-site SEO

desktop & mobile-friendly



linked records

An Airtable extension

Truly automatic and customizable record relationships

Airtable templates

Discover the latest free Airtable templates from Olive Haus

Task Manager

Punch Card

Time Blocker

Keyword Planner

desktop & mobile-friendly


So what's the big deal with Airtable?

Inquiring minds wanna know
What is Airtable?
If Excel and the App Store had a baby, it would be Airtable. It's a low-code, relational database with a custom app-builder on top.
What is an Airtable App?
An Airtable App is a custom-built interface on top of a database. It can be accessed from your desktop or phone, just like any other app.
Why pay for Airtable Apps?
You don't have to! Many are free. Others are tailor-made for specific use-cases by an Airtable expert.
Can I use apps on the Free Plan?
Every app is designed to be used with the Airtable Free Plan, though there are options with more features that are unlocked with Airtable's Teams Plan.
What is a Pro Option?
If you're like me, the features available with premium Airtable plans are too good to pass up. Many apps have extra features that are exclusive to the Teams Plan or above. These are designed to use features only available on the Teams Plan.
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Turn chaos into calm with
Airtable apps from Olive Haus
Turn chaos
into calm
with Airtable
apps from
Olive Haus